Almost Healed

Well, today was 4 weeks post PRP injection number 2. And I have to say, it was good news. For the past week or two, I have been vigilantly looking for signs of healing in my hamstring, or pain. And here is how I felt. When taking Rogue for her 2-3 mile walk around Fort McHenry, after about 10min, the familiar aching and throbbing came back.

But here’s the difference. Before, after about 10min, it would feel as if someone was taking a knife and stabbing me in the glute with each step I took. For the past few walks, imagine flipping the knife around, and trying to stab someone with the dull end. It was painful, but the pain was more a throb, or ache that persisted until I stopped walking.

So, today, here I was apprehensive as ever. Wondering why if the PRP injections worked, did I still have this pain/ache. This afternoon I went for my appointment. Trying to be positive, but fearing the worst, I told Dr. Victor that yes, I still had pain. So, he got the ultrasound and took a look.005 He is so fast with the ultra sound, and within seconds, proclaimed, your hamstring is healed, there is no tear!

Wanting to believe him, but still unsure about the pain, he explained what had happened. Visualize your hamstring muscle going down your leg. Now visualize your sciatic nerve. It also runs parallel to the hamstring muscle. Now, visualize them running so close together (because of scar tissue) and moving together. So instead of two separate entities, they are moving as one. So, he did a procedure called Ultra Sound Guided Neural Hydrodissection.

“Nerve hydrodissecton is a new technique performed by injecting small amounts of fluid around the affected nerve by using a needle under careful ultrasound guidance. Nerves may become scarred and adhere to the surrounding tissue after surgery or trauma, causing pain, numbness, tingling or weakness.” So, this afternoon, Dr. Victor performed the hydrodissection. The needle stung, but then all I felt was pressure as the saline went in. He was worried about me driving home as after this procedure, your leg can feel numb or weak. But, I stubbornly insisted that I could drive home. Or that I would start, and pull over if I couldn’t.

Tomorrow I will try my 2-3 mile walk with Rogue, and see how it feels. I’m to report back to Dr. Victor tomorrow and tell him how I feel. If things go well, I can start physical therapy to regain strength in my hamstring. Then, before you know it, I will be back in action. Swimming, cycling, running and jumping. I can’t wait to jump again. It’s been so long!

Faith and hope have definitely kept me going. Faith that I would find a doctor that could help me, and hope that I would be healed and able to do what I love again. I found both, and believe that I will be back in no time. I won’t lie, a small part of me still doubts that I will be running and jumping again, but I have to believe that I will. It’s been a year since I was able to do the things that I love, and to think that it’s almost to an end, is almost unbelievable. Hopefully the day will come soon, and I can show you guys that I am doing just that.

Last year, with optimism, I had entered the Cherry Blossom lottery. To those unfamiliar with DC, the Cherry Blossom is a 10 mile running race through DC when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Miraculously, both Brett and I were drawn (I never seem to win lottery’s).  So, right now, I am signed up for the race in April. They also have a 5k, so that would be the race I did, if I did it. If I’m not ready, I’m not going to push it. I want to be better. And looking down the road, I have been planning our triathlon team’s spring training camp in Lake Placid. Hopefully by June, I am in full swing again so I can fully participate.

But in all honesty, if I can just get back on my feet this spring/summer, there isn’t anything more I can ask for.


  • By Faith - on

    Cristina what great news…I am praying for your healing and recovery! You are such a precious person…I am thinking of the Saints I can pray to 🙂 Positive energy, light and love to you Cristina!

  • By Sharon Gerl - on

    I hope the pain is gone for good by now! I have had very similar symptoms and am considering PRP next week although they have not actually seen a tear. Obviously I am very curious to see how your treatments have worked.Nobody has mentioned the nerve issue to me so I will have to bring that up. Here’s hoping and praying for the best results for you- Sharon

  • By fueledandfocused - on

    Hi Sharon, it’s great to hear from you! The docs I saw couldn’t see a tear on the MRI’s that I had done, the only way they were able to see it was using an ultrasound. The doctor that I am seeing now is a Physiatrist, who is an MD that specializes in non invasive techniques like PRP guided with an ultrasound. I’m not sure who around Eugene would do something like this, possibly Slocum. You might have to look up towards PDX. And after my second PRP injection, last week the doc said my tear was completely healed. I’m still in pain however. So when he looked again, he realized that the sciatic nerve and the hamstring were still “gliding together.” Meaning there was scar tissue from the hamstring hitting the nerve. So, he tried a neural dissection, but that didn’t take. I have another appt Tuesday for another procedure, so I’ll let you know how that goes. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions about PRP. Being injured SUCKS! Especially with personalities like ours who love and need to exercise 🙂

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