Beginning a New Chapter

Brett, Rogue, Colt and I are about to begin a new chapter in our lives…and I’m very excited about it. Change can be difficult, but I’m ready for it. A few days ago I gave notice to PowerBar that I would be leaving on July 15th. It was a hard decision because I love PowerBar, my co-workers and the fact that I get to do a job I love. It’s pretty awesome getting to go to endurance events, represent a brand you believe in, and teach sports nutrition to fellow athletes. I won’t say it was all fun and games; being on the road for days at a time can be hard, in addition to not seeing Brett as often as I wanted. You get used to staying in hotels and learn where you can find the best choices for nutrition. But nothing beats your own bed, and your own food.

It was a dream job, and I’m so thankful to have had it. Thank you PowerBar! I currently have two other dream jobs, and I’m soon hoping for two more. Currently I coach a small number of awesome triathletes, consult with athletes on proper sports nutrition, and I’m excited to:

1. Start a family (soon)

2. Launch a new nutrition website, geared towards assisting athletes make the best meal choices they can. More on this later.

Yesterday marked Brett’s last day of classes, and he’s now a newly minted geologist. It’s been quite a journey for him going from the Army, to Oregon State, and then eventually finishing his degree at Towson. I know how much he loves geology, and he’s excited to get to put his education to use. Yes, envision a rock hammer, magnifying glass and plaid shirts with hiking boots. The whole nine yards.

So now that he’s done, we can get the house packed up. I have a few more events with PowerBar, so I’m not done just yet. But after Tri Rock Philly last weekend, it’s all smooth sailing and downhill.

You might be wondering where we’re going after Baltimore. Good question. We’re headed to…Texas! That’s right, hot, hot Texas. I’m so excited, even though I’ll admit I’m a bit nervous about the heat. I can’t say I’m a true Texan, especially since I put beans in my chili, my hair isn’t that big, I don’t wear cowboy boots and I don’t ride horses. Those might be stereotypes (except the beans), but I’m looking forward to seeing that for myself. I also might have to develop an accent.

In addition to Texas being a hot bed for geologists, I also have the ability to finish my master’s degree there. The cost of living is great, the people are friendly and there are a lot of multisport athletes. Our thought is Dallas, but we might be open to elsewhere. Especially if Brett’s company needs him in a different location. One of the benefits of our situation is that we are open to just about anywhere. We don’t have kids who need to be in a specific location or school district and we are both very flexible. I’ll be working from home, so I don’t need to be in a specific area.

While Texas is our final destination, for the next month or two we’ll be in upstate NY. This will give us the opportunity to see family and friends, and to have just a bit of R&R before our move. The triathlon team I coach with Valor Triathlon Project is based in Rochester, so I’ll be able to see athletes, and get to go cheer at some local races.

I’m going to keep an air of mystery around the new nutrition site I’ve been working on. But just a teaser, I’ve spent the last year (since laying in bed after surgery) refining a concept and implementing it with the help of a design team and software team. We are close to being done, but not just yet. I’m making a few changes and until I’m ready to release it, I don’t want to say too much. If you’re interested, please find my new Facebook page for Fueled and Focused and “like” it. Eventually that will become part of the HQ for the site, and new info will be updated there. In addition I’ll do some launch deals with the site that I’ll post there.

And as you all know, I can be sporadic with my blogging. This will not be the case moving forward. Since my 9-5 job (or actually 11-8pm or 5am-1pm, etc.) is ending, my focus will be 100% on my coaching, nutrition counseling and the new site.

Stay tuned for more…And thanks for being apart of my blogging life. I don’t think I’ve really said that. But to everyone that reads this, a big heartfelt thank you.


  • By Faith - on

    Oh my sakes Cristina! I am happy for you all! Texas has what you mention and so much more. Texas is fabulous! Austin, San Antonio, Houston. I was on pins and needles waiting for your special news all day! This is such great news for you and Brett. Congrats to Brett on finishing school! Congrats to you for moving forward with school, coaching, your nutrition site and the blog! I am really excited for the nutrition site!!! Outstanding news my friend!

  • By fueledandfocused - on

    Thanks so much Faith! And in addition I’ll be in driving distance to both IM Texas and IM Arizona (I think) so we can see you. I’m so excited and we’re ready to explore another great state. From New York, to Oregon, to Maryland/DC and onto Texas.

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