PowerBar needs to be in quotes, since I work for “the” PowerBar. I absolutely love PowerBars, whether it’s our chews, wafers, protein bars or the traditional bars. I’ve told this story many times, but I’ll repeat it again. I started eating PowerBars in the 80’s, when they first came out. I believed it was the
All week Brett has been under the weather. He even stayed home from school and just laid on the couch, coughing, sneezing, etc. I did my best to stay healthy-washing my hands, cleaning, taking Vit. C, taking my probiotics, trying to get lots of sleep, etc. Unfortunately it didn’t work, and here I am with
There are two very polar sides to the protein debate. Side one says, as Americans, we get plenty of protein in our diet, in fact some say too much. Side two says, as athletes, particularly vegetarian or vegan athletes, we aren’t getting enough. So what do we do…? The easiest way to think about it
For the past few months, I’ve been meaning to make a go at making my own falafel. I have a favorite middle eastern restaurant, and a restaurant/salad shop that makes a darn good falafel salad. Amsterdam Falafel is located in both downtown DC and Annapolis. It’s kind of one of those places that if you’re
I seem to be on an amaranth kick lately, and I wanted to create a few more recipes using it. Before moving on to the next ancient grain that is! Right now the cupboard and fridge are stocked with new and exciting (or maybe it’s ancient and exciting) things to try, and recipes to create.
Lately, I’ve been on a kick to try all of the “ancient” grains that are becoming so popular. And rightly so I might add. While so many people are shunning carbohydrates and grains, they are so many good options for less processed whole grains. Some of the grains aren’t even grains, but are pseudo grains.
Yesterday, I got to attend an American Swim Coaches Association continuing education event in Reston, VA. While there are times I’m not that excited to live in the Mid-Atlantic, one of the benefits is everything that the DC region has to offer. In addition to the wonderful history, museums, and culture, you also get to
This morning I was trying to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit, and make a breakfast that to me said love and happiness. Chocolate came to mind, as who doesn’t like chocolate. Fruit and chocolate are a great pair, and I had frozen raspberries in the freezer. So, there you go, the perfect pair. Since
I just arrived home from a business trip to VA Beach. I was able to see a good friend, I put on a nutrition clinic for J&A Racing (in prep for the shamrock marathon) and I got to wake up seeing the ocean.  I love the ocean, the peaceful waves and just about any other
Eat these 5 superfoods. Don’t eat these 7 foods if you’re trying to lose weight. 10 foods that boost your fat loss. The hidden dangers of the food you love.  Saturated fat is bad, no saturated fat is good, eat more butter. Dairy is bad and only for babies; no, dairy is good, drink your

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