Joule Fuel, The Newest in Meal Replacements for Athletes

Joule Fuel, it’s pretty cool. That’s what I wanted the title of this blog post to be. But…then I decided it was too corny. Really though, it’s a pretty cool idea and meal replacement product. A few weeks ago while working a Rev3 race (Rev3 Rush in Richmond) I met the owner of a new nutrition/meal replacement product called Joule Fuel. The first thing I thought was, what a cool name. To those that don’t know, a Joule is a unit of energy mainly used in physics. But I thought it was pretty creative and I wanted to try the product.

It’s intriguing to me the thought of using a meal replacement for every meal. Intriguing because I love food, picking out fresh produce, preparing it, cooking it and creating delicious meals. So, the thought of having the same drink every meal wasn’t that appealing to me. But after talking with the owner Frank, I realized that while the drink was designed for that purpose, he was interested in just reaching out to athletes and other healthy adults who might want a drink that could fill in as an occasional meal.

And that’s how I would describe it to an athlete that was interested in this. So many times, athletes that I work with tell me they are too busy to eat, or often depending on the profession, may not have time to sit and eat lunch. Or, they are rushing out the door and skip breakfast. Even the 5 min meals that suggest are too much for them (at least they say). So I see where this product could come in handy.

I also have a soft spot for start-ups. Back in Oregon we took the biggest risk of our lives, opening our tri shop. We had no idea what we were doing, and it was scary. We made a lot of mistakes and learned quite a lot about ourselves, how to run a business and what it takes to succeed. So, when I met Frank (or any other start-up), I felt a sort of kindred spirit. Here is someone who is risking a lot, for something he is passionate about. So while I certainly don’t have thousands of blog followers (yet), I wanted to give him and his company a shout out. I can see how it would fit into a busy athlete’s life, and as long as they were only using it for that, I’d be ok with it. Here’s some more info on the product:


One Serving of Joule Fuel:

Calories 550kcal
Total Carbohydrates 58g
Fiber 9g
Sugar 5g
Total Fat 22g
Saturated Fat 3.5g
Protein 32g
Sodium 420mg

So, just looking at that, you’ve got a well-rounded meal replacement shake, that would be ready in 30 sec.

1st Ingredients: Whey protein, Organic Oat Flour, Organic Brown Rice Four, Almond Meal, Chia Seeds

-healthy protein, good complex carbs, heart healthy fat and omega 3 fatty acids

And you all should know by now, my favorite protein for athletes is whey protein. So if you’re a vegan or lactose intolerant (some can handle whey though), this isn’t a product for you. If you are not either, the fact that it’s 1st ingredient is whey is great.

From a micronutrient standpoint it has between 25- 100% + of the RDI. This is both good and potentially a negative. Some micronutrients are fine in the 1000% level-B vitamins and Vit C. The fat soluble vitamins have a lower toxicity level, so if you were to drink this 5x a day, Vit. E would be fairly high. As long as you are only replacing one meal, or an occasional meal, this will be fine.


  1. It tastes good (I tried 2 flavors-chocolate cookies and cream and vanilla cookies and cream)
  2. It’s easy to prepare
  3. Time efficient
  4. Inexpensive (if only using 1 meal a day) at $3/meal
  5. It can help you get the correct level of macronutrients post workout. A lot of athletes struggle getting their 20g of protein post workout. This would provide that, in addition to good carb and fat sources.
  6. Organic, high quality ingredients
  7. Vegetarian


  1. If you ate this every day you’d potentially have too many micronutrients (potential fat soluble vitamin toxicity), and you would miss out on antioxidants from fruit and vegetables, in addition to the numerous other benefits from beans, legumes, fish, etc .
  2. Monotonous
  3. Not vegan
  4. Not dairy free
  5. Not sure if it’s certified gluten-free or kosher

All in all though, I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. It’s like a thick smoothie. If interested, check them out at

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