Who else thought winter was over already? I did…Thankfully, it seems to just be yesterday and today. Tomorrow is a high of 54 degrees, quite balmy. Certain foods taste better when it’s cold out, and nice warm quiche is one of them. I love quiche, but it’s quite high in fat if made the traditional
March is my birthday month, and it always snows in March. At least while I’ve lived on the East coast. I do believe one year in Oregon it snowed as well, but mostly just rain. Hopefully spring is soon on the way, but I’m one of those people that truly doesn’t mind the snow. I
We talked about Organic food and GMO’s, now I’ll move onto some other buzzwords that are just as controversial as Part 1, and will invoke both positive and negative responses from a lot of people. Out in the field, I hear about these a lot. So I want to give a bit of info on
I’ve always loved snow, and especially snow storms. I might be in the minority, but snow to me means warm and cozy sweaters, fires in the fireplace, sledding, skiing, snowshoeing, and pancakes. Yesterday and today the entire East Coast was slammed with snow and rain. And then later today we are getting more snow as
It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and my last post was a challenging one to post. Thank you so much for all of the support. This past week was pretty tough with my husband having the flu, my brother’s dog passing (whom I loved very much), my car troubles and now uncertainty with Nestle
Since it’s still in the single digits in Baltimore, my body is still craving warm, comfort food. So tonight’s dinner was quinoa with sauteed vegetables. As a health food, quinoa is one of the best. Quinoa has been around for the past 3-4,000 years, primarily used in South America. Based on it’s looks, quinoa looks
We’re in the middle of a snow storm in Baltimore, and it’s the perfect time to bake muffins….Yup, nasty weather calls for comfort food. Muffins can definitely be comfort food. Although, when I bake, they are a healthy comfort food. If we were in NY, this would seem like a typical day of wind and

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