For athletes, as well as for the average person, beets are a super food. Why is this you ask? Multiple reasons, lets talk about why. Beets contain high amounts of inorganic nitrate. Nitrate gets converted to nitrite, and finally to nitric oxide. During exercise, nitric oxide is important for: Mitochondrial respiration Regulation of blood flow
Happy Daylight Savings! I’m kind of kidding here. I look forward to “springing forward,” but it also seems to mess things up for a few days. But in a day or two, your body is back to normal. Flying across country East Coast to West Coast and West Coast to East Coast is definitely a

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Fueled + Focused is headed by Cristina Caldwell, a Certified Sports Nutritionist, Endurance Coach, and Exercise Physiologist. Her platform allows a customized scientific approach to food and diet to help you maximize your potential and realize your goals. For any questions/feedback please contact

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