New Year, New Blog. Welcome 2014!

2013, a year of many life changes, most good, some difficult.

brettandtinameetThe journey began back in 2007, after taking a trip to South Africa and meeting my future husband there. I know, it sounds crazy, but yes, we were both traveling, ended up meeting at a small game reserve, exchanged e-mails, and the rest they say is history.

From Western NY I moved to Oregon, where he was living, and after a year, decided to take a risk and start a business that I had only dreamed of doing. Taking inspiration from Russ the original owner at Tri Running and Walking in Victor, NY, together, my husband and I opened a multisport training center equipped with an 8 bike Computrainer Multirider setup, TRX/ functional training area, VASA trainer, treadmill and metabolic training Multi_Sport 38center. We had a small retail area, but mostly focused on training, coaching and creating a triathlon team. We had our ups and downs, but on a whole, it was an incredible journey and will remember it with fond memories and the great friendships made along the way.

After 5 years in Oregon, I realized that living 3000 miles away from family was hard, and it was time to move home. Well, not exactly home. In 2013, I took at job as the Mid-Atlantic PowerBar Nutrition Tech Rep. That fancy title means that I am the rep that represents PowerBar at all the major running, cycling and triathlon races in the Mid-Atlantic, while teaching small athletic specialty retailers (just like my previous shop) about sports nutrition. The best part of my job is putting on nutrition clinics for triathlon teams, cycling teams, cross country high school teams, and really anyone interested in being a better athlete through sports nutrition

IMG_0326Living in Baltimore is great. It is a blue collar city, but Baltimorians are fiercely proud of their city and it shows. We live in an 1875 row home in the neighborhood of Locust Point, only a half mile from Ft. McHenry where the star spangled banner was written. Our neighbors have welcomed us and we find that here, everyone looks out for everyone else. It’s kind of reassuring knowing that our entire block has our back.

Training, is harder than in Oregon and Western NY, where you could ride your bike right from your door. Here, you need to drive 20min out of town. Well, at least I, the chicken of riding in the city does. Running on the other hand is wonderful. The inner harbor provides a clear 13 miles of traffic-less running. There are some good pools near by, and the most well known is Michael Phelps’s Pool, The North Baltimore Aquatic Center.

So far that all sounds pretty good right? Agreed. After a successful personal and professional 2013, physically 2013 was difficult. 2013 was the year where I learned patience (my husband might not agree), and faith in the unknown. I tore my hamstring in such a way, that when it tore, it was touching the sciatic nerve sending excruciating pain down my leg. It took 7 different doctors/physical therapists, 3 MRI’s and finally an ultrasound to find the root cause of my pain. So, diagnosis made, I can finally begin the healing process of treating the tear and sciatic nerve.

2014 brings excitement, hope, and enthusiasm for what lies ahead.

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