Clean Eating is a Dirty Word I detest the word “clean eating.” It’s hard to put into words my dislike for something that is just a word. It’s not racist, it’s not mean spirited but to me it isn’t just a word. It’s a word that implies or infers an air of negative emotion or
As I sit here typing this I’m listening to the pumping of my compression boots. Unfortunately it’s not the type of compression boots I’d like to be wearing (those after a hard endurance workout). I’m unfortunately in the hospital and because of my lack of movement, I’m wearing them. I was hesitant to write this,
I’m being a little dramatic with the breaking news, but I feel like it needs to be shouted. THERE IS NO PERFECT DIET! I must have been living in a box, or maybe just working really hard and haven’t watched the TV in a while. It’s possible it’s both, but I’m leaning towards working really
2016 is almost upon us. And boy did 2015 not disappoint when it came to life changes and new beginnings. We moved to Texas, Brett graduated from Towson and has a career as a geologist, I left PowerBar to create my own nutrition coaching and meal planning business, we adopted a rescue Ridgeback and so
Healthy Holiday Cookies
This past week I set out to make some healthy holiday cookies. I had a few requirements like lower in fat, calories, sugar, using ingredients that weren’t too hard to find, and lastly, gluten free. Since many athletes and possibly some of your family and friends are going gluten free/are gluten intolerant, I wanted to
Thanksgiving Survival Tips, plus GF Cranberry Orange Pecan “Stuffing”
Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. Christmas comes close, but neither is about the food or the presents. Both mean family and friends to me. Growing up I was blessed to have both sets of grandparents living within a 2 hour radius of my family. So that meant I got to spend time with
Slow Cooker Split Pea Soup
When the weather starts to turn cold, or when it’s already cold and you’d like something to warm up the body, soup is an awesome option. And one of my favorites is split pea soup. I’m not the biggest fan of pork, so I make my split pea soup without. There are many delicious versions
There’s a lot of exciting things happening at Fueled and Focused, and I’m so excited to share them. I’ve been waiting to write this post for the past year and a half. So finally! As you know I try to bring you posts that are interesting, current, beneficial and pretty impartial. So even though I
It’s been a long journey here. Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. When you’ve been struggling with something that no one seems to be able to help you with, you just about give up. Give up on  hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel, that one day you’ll be back to the
PowerBar needs to be in quotes, since I work for “the” PowerBar. I absolutely love PowerBars, whether it’s our chews, wafers, protein bars or the traditional bars. I’ve told this story many times, but I’ll repeat it again. I started eating PowerBars in the 80’s, when they first came out. I believed it was the

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