*Disclaimer:  This is a blog that deals with the science of racing, training, recovery, etc.  There are pics in this post taken during the procedure where you can see part of my bra strap, and partial glute* I wish I could start part 2 of this blog with “I’m all healed and ready to go.”
The past year I’ve kept my hamstring injury a secret from most people. Even those close to me didn’t know how much pain I was in and how much I was suffering emotionally. This blog post feels like a bit like therapy in the fact that all of my negative emotions regarding the injury have
Being fueled and focused are two things every athlete needs for success. Fuel: what our bodies need to power ourselves through workouts and races. Think of your body as a machine or a car. You need to fuel it with gas in order for it to go. And when it gets low on fuel/gas, or
2013, a year of many life changes, most good, some difficult. The journey began back in 2007, after taking a trip to South Africa and meeting my future husband there. I know, it sounds crazy, but yes, we were both traveling, ended up meeting at a small game reserve, exchanged e-mails, and the rest they

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Fueled + Focused is headed by Cristina Caldwell, a Certified Sports Nutritionist, Endurance Coach, and Exercise Physiologist. Her platform allows a customized scientific approach to food and diet to help you maximize your potential and realize your goals. For any questions/feedback please contact fueledandfocused@gmail.com

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