My dad is racing the Peasantman tri on Keuka Lake this Sunday, so my mom and I have been discussing what to have for meals in the days leading up to the half ironman. My dad has his nutrition dialed in and is very consistent with his race fuel plan. Still though, I’m helping my
This week Brett, Rogue and I have been visiting my family in NY, and have gotten to see a lot of great friends. Living on the West Coast and even in Baltimore, has made it hard to see NY friends and family, and that’s tough. Seeing everyone has reminded me how blessed I am to
A lot of the athlete’s I’ve worked with tell me they know what’s healthy, they just aren’t sure how to put foods together into a meal. So I thought I’d use a meal I made today, to show how I suggest to create a meal. The meal I made was from me looking in the fridge, and in
Antioxidants, what are they, do we need to take them and how much? A few years ago, I would have said antioxidants were a new “buzz word.” People weren’t sure exactly what they were, but they knew they must be important to take. I could be wrong, but I think some of the buzz has
Today I’m posting my 50th blog post!!! I feel like I should be writing about something a bit more exciting than vitamins, but unfortunately, my life just isn’t that exciting right now. Get up, eat, shower, lay on the couch, do sports nutrition homework, crutch around the house…you get it. Not too exciting. We’re working
Over the weekend, I was looking for an outing to go on, which would get me out of the house, give me a little exercise, but also not be too challenging on my hamstring. We have never been to the Baltimore Farmer’s Market and Bazar, and we have been missing a lot. What a wonderful
Today I am three weeks post hamstring surgery. On one  hand it feels like time has flown by. On the other hand, time has really dragged. The first two weeks were almost all excruciatingly painful. Now the pain has started to subside, however I still can’t put pressure on the right glute/leg. And according to the
I might be dating myself, but when I was growing up we heard about Popeye the Sailor Man cartoon. He loved spinach and after eating spinach his bicep (actually they might have been forearm) muscles would flex and bulge. People equated eating spinach, with getting stronger due to the high iron content. This is partially true.
Today I’m almost 2.5 weeks post surgery and well on my way to recovery. I’ve just made it home to Baltimore from staying with my parents in NY for the past 2 weeks. I’m very lucky to have a great family who drive down from NY to take me back up to NY to recover.
Being laid up certainly has many disadvantages. One advantage that sticks out is that I’ll get to work a lot on my sports nutrition classes and keep up with my blog. With the recent heat and humidity increases all over the East Coast, athletes are begging for a break. In my athlete’s diaries I’ll read

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