Well, here I am 5 days post hamstring surgery. A surgery I wasn’t sure I would have, but I am so thankful for having it now. Even though I’m still in quite a bit of pain, I know the surgeon removed the scar tissue tethering the sciatic nerve to my hamstring and other additional  inflamed tissues (ischial tuberosity
It’s certainly reached summertime heat in Baltimore, and unfortunately our air conditioner broke. Brett and I are pretty frugal, and we only turn on the AC if the temps are over 80, or the house temps are over 77-78. If they reach that, we turn on the AC to a blustery 76 degrees. Mainly because
Our tri team, the Valor Triathlon Project had a great training weekend in Lake Placid. The weather was a bit chilly and wet, however we had some great training sessions, good team camaraderie and an overall blast. We had 30 athletes and everyone did an awesome job. Unfortunately I was only allowed to swim due to
My last post was about how dehydration can negatively affect your performance. Today, I want to touch on a touchy subject (in part’s of the science industry), hyponatremia. I say touchy because a few years ago, a well-known researcher started advocating not drinking in marathons and that we didn’t need to replenish sodium/electrolytes during endurance
As the weather gets hotter, the risk of dehydration gets more serious. And for athletes that train hard all winter, or build for months at a time, hot weather can hurt or even destroy your race day efforts. A lot goes into your training, and as much as nutrition is a key, hydration can play
I love beans. They are such a nutritious food, high in fiber (lowers cholesterol and good for you GI tract), protein (muscle growth, recovery), zinc (healthy immune system) and antioxidants including anthocyanins (cancer protection).  And if you are a vegan or vegetarian, and you combine beans with a whole grain (like brown rice), it makes a complete
*I believe my computer has downloaded a virus (cough cough Brett), so ignore that some of the words are highlighted. I apologize for that and will work to fix it* Years ago, when I was swimming in college, I looked for ways to better myself as an athlete. Yes, training hard is key, but I
Continuing from my last blog post, taking in two sugars is better than just one sugar during exercise. And you’ll notice this as almost every sports nutrition company in the market today has at least two sugars in their products. The only ones that I can think of that don’t, are Honey Stinger gel (although
At nutrition clinics and expos I’m often asked the same questions over and over. Often they are too in-depth to answer at expos, but I love clinics because I have a lot of one on one, or one on fifteen time. If I had to say what my most often asked about topic was, was
Growing up, Easter was my favorite holiday. Christmas was a close second, but Easter had it by a slight margin. Easter was going to Church in a new Easter dress, jelly beans after the service, checking out what the Easter bunny had left for us in our baskets, polish bologna with spicy mustard, Italian meat

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