Who else thought winter was over already? I did…Thankfully, it seems to just be yesterday and today. Tomorrow is a high of 54 degrees, quite balmy. Certain foods taste better when it’s cold out, and nice warm quiche is one of them. I love quiche, but it’s quite high in fat if made the traditional
The Boston Marathon is quickly approaching. Every year this is an exciting time for runners, and most certainly the city of Boston. This year will be especially special for athletes and Americans alike. Because of last year’s terror attacks at the marathon, both our nation and the running community suffered loss. But, in true American
I studied exercise physiology as well as nutrition as an undergrad. Now, my IOC program is leading me to a Master’s in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. It’s nice to be back to ex phys for a little bit. April is still all about carbs as you’ll see from some of my blog posts, but today
A few posts ago I wrote on having a daily diet of higher fat and lower carb. The conclusions from the latest research show that while eating a high fat diet, you are indeed going to oxidize more fat as fuel, but you are also turning off your carb utilization. Plus there was no performance
Many months ago, I signed up for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler believing I’d be healthy enough to race by April. Last year I worked at the Cherry Blossom expo for PowerBar and I loved the local enthusiasm for the race. It’s a rite of spring passage in DC. Unfortunately, due to my injury, I
I turned 33 on Sunday, and because we were having torrential rain, we decided to go to the National Aquarium. We’ve had tickets for a few months, but were waiting for a rainy day. And boy was it Sunday. We also went to Little Italy and to a fantastic little Italian Bakery, Piedigrotta. Piedigrotta’s owner,
This¬† month my IOC program has focused on proper carbohydrate and sodium refueling, alcohol consumption and exercise and the benefits and negatives of low carbohydrate training. March has been a very informative month, and I need to catch up on my blogging, I’ve been behind. Today I’ll focus on proper carb and electrolyte refueling. As
March is my birthday month, and it always snows in March. At least while I’ve lived on the East coast. I do believe one year in Oregon it snowed as well, but mostly just rain. Hopefully spring is soon on the way, but I’m one of those people that truly doesn’t mind the snow. I
Yesterday was St.Patrick’s Day, and look at Under Armour, it’s covered in snow. We actually got 5-6 inches of snow! On March 17th!!!! I love the tanks in the right picture, those are actually molasses tanks from Domino Sugar. And they’re painted with Michael Phelps, Cal Ripkin JR and Ray Lewis, three Baltimore sports stars.
With my first full week of a large running race/expo of the year over, I wanted to share my experiences and give some do’s and don’ts of race expo’s and finish line festivals. I might write another blog about the do’s and don’ts of taper or race week, but today is about the expo and

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