I identify myself as an athlete, but for the past year I haven’t been able to (Don’t worry, I identify in other ways too). Every time someone asked “what’s wrong” or “why can’t you workout,” I had to give the frustrating “I’m injured.” And that would start the questions and people feeling sorry for me,
Happy Daylight Savings! I’m kind of kidding here. I look forward to “springing forward,” but it also seems to mess things up for a few days. But in a day or two, your body is back to normal. Flying across country East Coast to West Coast and West Coast to East Coast is definitely a
When I first took my job at PowerBar, do you know what one of my first thoughts was? Along with “I’m so excited, what an awesome job, and I’m going to miss Brett and Rogue while I travel,” it was “Oh no, how am I not going to gain weight while traveling so much.” For
Old man winter seems to have struck again, at least in the Mid-Atlantic. We are in the midst of snowstorm 5 for the winter. Normally this area might get hit once, but this year has been pretty rough. Admittedly, I love the snow, so I don’t mind. And I work from home if I can’t
Over the weekend the weather was incredible and made me want to get out the grill. After going to the grocery and buying a ton of awesome fresh veggies, it started to snow. So, a grilled vegetable salad turned into a roasted vegetable salad. Roasted vegetables are very versatile. I thought about doing a roasted
Working at PowerBar I get the privilege of working alongside some pretty fantastic scientists. And they are always available to answer questions and give any info I might need. Usually when I am doing a nutrition clinic, or I am at an event, and someone asks a question, I love that I generally have the
Brett had a craving for pizza, so I decided to make him a Boboli pizza while I made myself a portobello mushroom pizza. Yes, I would prefer to make homemade pizza crust, but sometimes, it’s Boboli. And they make a whole wheat crust, which makes me feel just a bit better. Both portobello pizza and Boboli are very easy to make
We talked about Organic food and GMO’s, now I’ll move onto some other buzzwords that are just as controversial as Part 1, and will invoke both positive and negative responses from a lot of people. Out in the field, I hear about these a lot. So I want to give a bit of info on
I’ve always loved snow, and especially snow storms. I might be in the minority, but snow to me means warm and cozy sweaters, fires in the fireplace, sledding, skiing, snowshoeing, and pancakes. Yesterday and today the entire East Coast was slammed with snow and rain. And then later today we are getting more snow as
There are a lot of buzzwords in nutrition today and sometimes they are confusing. Because I might write a bit, I’m breaking it into two parts. There’s a lot of info out there and I want to give as much info as I can. I will use science based research, and then form my own

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