I love sales, and sales at the grocery store on things like beans and lentils. But occasionally, the pantry builds up and it’s time to look around and see what you can make. So tonight I decided to do something with my large stash of lentils. Plus, it’s cold and wet, we had an ice storm today.
Well, today was 4 weeks post PRP injection number 2. And I have to say, it was good news. For the past week or two, I have been vigilantly looking for signs of healing in my hamstring, or pain. And here is how I felt. When taking Rogue for her 2-3 mile walk around Fort
It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and my last post was a challenging one to post. Thank you so much for all of the support. This past week was pretty tough with my husband having the flu, my brother’s dog passing (whom I loved very much), my car troubles and now uncertainty with Nestle
Until a few years ago, I was afraid of fat. And fat in two different ways. Fear that eating fat would make me fat, and fear of being fat. Both had a hold on me for over half of my life, quite a long time to let something hold you hostage. My Fears My first
Since it’s still in the single digits in Baltimore, my body is still craving warm, comfort food. So tonight’s dinner was quinoa with sauteed vegetables. As a health food, quinoa is one of the best. Quinoa has been around for the past 3-4,000 years, primarily used in South America. Based on it’s looks, quinoa looks
We’re in the middle of a snow storm in Baltimore, and it’s the perfect time to bake muffins….Yup, nasty weather calls for comfort food. Muffins can definitely be comfort food. Although, when I bake, they are a healthy comfort food. If we were in NY, this would seem like a typical day of wind and
In my last blog, we focused on how food can effect our metabolism, or the thermic effect of food (TEF). That makes up a very small percentage of the calories our bodies burn. Let’s talk about where a larger amount of calories are burned. This is key for anyone trying to lose weight. Similar to
This month, my IOC (International Olympic Committee) sports nutrition diploma class started. It will take me two years to complete the diploma, and will be even more qualified to give advice to athletes. As I progress through the course, I will bring you the latest in what’s happening in laboratory’s all across the world. In
It’s that time of year specifically, as a coach, my athletes might start to question me. They have planned out their upcoming triathlon or running season, and they are ready to hit the ground running (literally). And what do  I do as a coach, I slow them down, at least on the run. My approach
It’s been very cold and snowy the past few weeks here in Baltimore, and now it’s cold and raining. Cold and rain equals soup for me. I’ve made a lot of soup recently, and this time my husband requested a soup with macaroni. Since I am injured, I have been trying to cut down on

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