Exciting News!!!

There’s a lot of exciting things happening at Fueled and Focused, and I’m so excited to share them. I’ve been waiting to write this post for the past year and a half. So finally! As you know I try to bring you posts that are interesting, current, beneficial and pretty impartial. So even though I shoot for that the majority of the time, I also want to share about my life, because truly, I am Fueled and Focused. My business just isn’t a job, it’s a passion and what I love. So I hope you don’t mind hearing about my surgery, the long and painful recovery, how Brett wishes I don’t cook so many things with sweet potatoes (or other squash) or just about me. Since you get both the science and nutrition behind F&F, and me. So what’s the exciting news you say????

Well, tomorrow, when you go to www.fueledandfocused.com (this current blog), you’ll get my brand new nutrition site. And what’s so great about that? Let me tell you a story… A year and a half ago, I was preparing for hamstring surgery, not understanding the magnitude of what was about to happen, and how long the recovery was. I was trying to give my nutrition athletes their last minute analysis, recipes, meal plans, etc. I got it all in, and went to surgery. Fast forward a few weeks later, and I was at my parents in NY. The surgery was so complicated that the post op was intense. I needed pretty much someone with me, or at my beck and call at all times. I couldn’t go to the bathroom, put on clothes, change my ice machine water, etc. Brett was in school and had to work, so he really couldn’t just drop those. My mom is retired, so she was my nurse. So there I was, lying in bed (since I couldn’t do much), and it hit me. A way to help more athletes achieve their nutrition goals.

So many athletes come to me and say “just write me a week or two nutrition meal plan, I’ll repeat it a few times to make a month. This way I’ll know exactly what I should be eating.” Or “I know what to eat, but I get stuck trying to come up with recipes.” Sound familiar to anyone? Normally, when I write a meal plan it takes several hours. First I have to analyze the athlete’s metrics-how much do they weigh, how much do they want to weigh, how much are they training, what is their sport, what are their goals, etc. Then, they fill out a food preferences questionnaire. Taking their metrics, their training schedule and their preferences, I would create a plan. I loved doing it, but it was time intensive. So, back to laying in bed. One day it came to me, I should come up with a way to make it a more automated process, and reach many more athletes. An athlete could put in all the info they normally give me, and it would provide their ideal calorie level and macornutrient amounts. Then, based on those, it would provide recipes that fit those requirements. And…that’s what I did.

Fueled and Focused is now a nutrition software/meal planning site. In addition to continuing to be an endurance coach and a 1:1 nutrition coach, I’ll also be providing 3 levels of guidance. #1, bronze-you’re good on your own, no guidance needed. #2 silver- you’re pretty much good, but you’d like the ability to send me some emails for questions to be answered and #3-Gold-You’d like to have a bit more nutrition coaching, and get to have a call or skype session with me every month.

Currently we have a 1 month trial for only $1!!! So, you can try F&F and see if you like the program, at literally no cost. If you like the program, it’s only $19/month. The silver and gold levels are a bit more, but not much more for everything you get. There are currently around 450 recipes on the site (yes Brett had to test them all), but there are only about 350 individual recipes. The reason for this is, I normally create two nutrient levels for each meal. So, someone might need 400kcal, while someone else needs 650kcal/meal. So you’ll see the same names, but they are different. There are a mixtures of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. Each week more recipes will be added, so your choices will never get boring. There are three options to choose from-traditional (you eat everything), vegetarian (lacto-ovo) and gluten free-dairy free. In the future we might be changing things so you have even more options to choose from.

Pretty exciting right! Hopefully you can feel my excitement. I am so passionate about helping athletes to achieve their goals, and I love what I do. This will allow me to have even more 1:1 time with athletes, while being able to reach more athletes who just needed help with meal planning.

In addition to that exciting news, here are a few more:

  • Brett’s doing awesome at his new job in Dallas
  • We’re closing on our first house in Dallas in just a another week
  • The dogs and I will be joining Brett in a few weeks-can’t wait!
  • I just turned in my thesis and my final exam for the International Olympic Committee’s Sports Nutrition Diploma-graduation in the spring after 2 long and challenging years
  • I’ll start my final year of my masters in exercise physiology/sports nutrition next year
  • I’ve been able to increase my running and I’m up to 30min, almost pain free. I’m starting to feel like an athlete again!
  • I’ve been asked to work with several top Olympic Swimmers on their nutrition- WooHoo

So there are a lot of exciting things happening, and I’m ready to go.  Side note: this blog will still continue, it will just be on the new website. I’m still going to be posting nutrition info and news, but the recipes will now for the most part, be on the site. If you haven’t, please go to Facebook and like my company page, Fueled and Focused. I have a twitter account, but I’m not as active as I should be yet.

Thanks for reading this, supporting me and I hope you are excited to get Fueled and Focused! Kinda corny, sorry 🙂

I also want to thank Alex Tong for providing a lot of the pictures for the site, Sammy Elfatrany for the design, Jackie Boone for the content critique, Eagle Dream for converting my nutrition formulas to code, my beta testers, my friends for being great and of course my family for putting up with me through this new venture.