This morning I was trying to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit, and make a breakfast that to me said love and happiness. Chocolate came to mind, as who doesn’t like chocolate. Fruit and chocolate are a great pair, and I had frozen raspberries in the freezer. So, there you go, the perfect pair. Since
I just arrived home from a business trip to VA Beach. I was able to see a good friend, I put on a nutrition clinic for J&A Racing (in prep for the shamrock marathon) and I got to wake up seeing the ocean.  I love the ocean, the peaceful waves and just about any other
I’m a planner…. in all aspects of my life. I like to plan everything from a camping trip, to a party, to the weekly meals at home. And each week, I ask Brett, what he wants to have for dinner. And almost every time I get, grilled cheese and tomato soup. And almost every time
Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I’ve always loved breakfast foods from eggs, to pancakes to oatmeal. And I often like breakfast for dinner, especially if you need a quick meal, aren’t sure what to cook, or are on a budget. Eggs and oatmeal are some of the cheapest foods out there. So
Protein muffins take 2. From blueberry banana to a chocolately peanut butter banana muffin. Yumm. I had 2 inspirations for these protein muffins. Well, 3 actually. 1. One of my athletes asked for a chocolate protein muffin 2. Back in Oregon when we owned and ran our endurance training studio, I created a chocolate recovery
Working at PowerBar I get the privilege of working alongside some pretty fantastic scientists. And they are always available to answer questions and give any info I might need. Usually when I am doing a nutrition clinic, or I am at an event, and someone asks a question, I love that I generally have the

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Fueled + Focused is headed by Cristina Caldwell, a Certified Sports Nutritionist, Endurance Coach, and Exercise Physiologist. Her platform allows a customized scientific approach to food and diet to help you maximize your potential and realize your goals. For any questions/feedback please contact

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